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Tricovel® Oil anti-dandruff shampoo contains specific active ingredients selected for their purifying and soothing action on sensitive and chapped scalps. Climbazole and Piroctone olamine act on Malassezia yeast, the main cause of dandruff symptoms, reducing its proliferation, while salicylic acid has a valuable exfoliating activity. Thanks to the synergistic activity of these active ingredients, the innovative anti-dandruff shampoo Tricovel® Oil reduces the scaly appearance on the scalp, purifying the skin and neutralizing the reappearance of dandruff. The effectiveness of Tricovel Oil anti-dandruff shampoo and its super-gentle cleansing action on sensitive scalps is ensured by the presence, in its composition, of Active-Care Technology, the core of the Tricovel® Oil formulation. Active-Care technology takes care of sensitive skin, strengthening your natural protective barrier and relieving symptoms of irritation such as burns and redness. The Active-Care action is ensured by 2 patented active ingredients, PG3A® and GLYCIRDERM®, which have a protective, rebalancing, moisturizing and smoothing action. The product is recommended to cleanse the skin both in cases of dry and oily dandruff.

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